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2002 until now: Postgraduate Master's Programme in Public Health    

This postgraduate Master's Programme in Public Health at the Medical University of Grazis an innovative continuing education program, which intends to enhance management competencies of health care professionals in order to meet the needs of the Austrian health care system and to increase the health status of the community.
2002 until now: Caritas Marienambulanz Graz    

  In 1999 the primary health care centre "Marienambulanz" opened in Graz, a city with approx. 300.000 citizens. Since then the “Marienambulanz” has offered medical and social assistance free of charge, to Austrian and non-Austrian citizens, to people with or without insurance, to those who have very little or no access to medical care.  
2005 until now: Health Impact Assessment    

In 2005 I attended a Summer School on Health Impact Assessment (HIA)in Wellington / New Zealand. In the same year I became a member of the Austrian member of the international working group studying the effectiveness of HIA.A projectcommissioned by the World Health Organisation Regional Office for Europe on behalf of the European Centre for Health Policy.
In 2009 the Austrian Ministry of Health commissioned a project to introduce HIA in Austria. I became a consultant member of the HIA project team at the Austrian Health Ltd.
In 2011 the Postgraduate Master's Programme in Public Health at the Medical organised the first Austrian HIA Summer School.
2006 until now: Internship in general practice for medical students    

  The new Academic Regulations 2002 clearly upgraded the status of General Practice in medical degrees. In addition to obligatory internships in Internal Medicine and Surgery, students are now bound to do a five week internship in general practice.  
  Journal article as pdf Download - 2010_Sprenger_Internship GP in Austria.pdf  64 Kb [more]  
2006 until 2010: Integrated health management for the elderly in several regions of Styria    

Styria is a federal state of Austria where the "population aging" will be one of the highest in the country. Until 2030 the proportion of people over sixty will rise from 23% to 35%. Due to the lack of primary health care systems and community services the increase of need will overstrain the existing health care services and health care budgets. Most of today's health services for the elderly are organised within the context of the narrow perspective of health and disease.
2003 until 2005: Development of a Comprehensive Health Promotion and Prevention Strategy for the Austrian Social Insurance    

  Within the Austrian Social Insurance landscape a variety of health promotion and prevention activities are offered by different social insurance companies. However, no priority setting has ever taken place nor a coordinated health promotion/prevention strategy has been formulated.  

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