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2006 until 2010: Integrated health management for the elderly in several regions of Styria

The Medical University of Graz has submitted an application for a model project that aims to improve the health management for the elderly in several regions of Styria between 2006 and 2010. The project runs for 4 years and builds on the existing health promotion project "Lebenswerte Lebenswelten" (2003-2006). By using tools and experiences from the cross-national Pro-Age trial, the model project will link health promotion and general practice activities.
The integration of a salutogenic and pathogenic approach will present a major challenge to the project team. Nevertheless, by integrating both strategies it should be possible to decrease the number of admissions to institutional care significantly over the period of the project. Elderly people living independently tend to have a higher quality of life, in that they are less likely to experience functional decline than those living in residential care. Additionally, it is a much cheaper option and hence more cost-effective to enable elderly people to live at home.
Research within Austrian general practice is scarce. Therefore this model project should foster a culture of community orientation and integration of services. It should encourage health professionals working in primary care to develop, implement and evaluate models of best practice and to strengthen the knowledge base through innovative problem-oriented research.

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